[4:20 Review] ergo-Clear conversion and Magenta LED swap by MagicMeatball

[4:20 Review] ergo-Clear conversion and Magenta LED swap by MagicMeatball

Preface: I know I’ve previously written a review on ergo-Clears, so I won’t go into too much technical detail about it.  This review is primarily dedicated to the services provided by MagicMeatball.

Overview:  The ergo-Clear switch is a custom frankenstein concoction.  Simply put, it’s a Cherry MX Clear switch but uses a 45g spring (commonly found within Cherry MX Red, Blue and Brown switches).  It feels I’m typing on a basket of kittens; it’s awesome.  Top that off with a nice set of KBC engraved PBT keycaps, and you got yourself a winner.  But what I really wanted to talk about was the great service I received from MagicMeatball and discuss the excellent quality of work he put into this mod.

I reached out to MMB and got my quote.  Not only was it inexpensive, he also reassured me by giving me a run-down of his process and methodologies.  Not to mention all the Hakko stuff he uses.  To sum it up, our conversation went smooth and he even recommended to do an LED swap (for free!).  I shipped it off, and a couple days later it was done.  Literally 3 days later, it was finished and ready to ship back to me.  Along the way, he sent some high-resolution photos.  Nice.


Those magenta LEDs look sick!  And 3 days later, it arrived at my doorstep.  6-7 day total turnaround.  Fast, cheap, and quality work.  What else could you ask for?

Feel:  I can safely say that lubed ergo-Clears are now my favorite switch. Coupled with an MX Grey spacebar and the KBC PBT keycaps, this little Filco (who has lived in a cardboard box it’s whole life) has quickly risen in fame to become my #1 keyboard.  The magenta LEDs also go very well with my ‘Octopink’ CC Skull.  Oh, did I mention he also tossed in a Feng aluminum keycap for free?

Overall:  As stated earlier, MMB offers excellent quality & customer service while providing inexpensive costs and fast turnaround times.  It’s also the little things that really contributed to the excellent service (i.e. lubed switches, MX Grey spacebar switch, free LED swap, attentive communication, reassurance with photographs of progression, etc.).

He gets a 10/10 on this one.  Really nailed it.  I would recommend his services to anyone inquiring about (but not limited to) switch modifications (both plate and PCB mounted), LED swaps, building custom keyboards, and any soldering work in general.  You can find him readily available on Geekhack and Deskthority under the handle (you guessed it!): MagicMeatball


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