Some 60% Love

I wanted to show some 60% small form factor love.  I personally don’t like using them, but I think they are really pretty cool aesthetically.  Just can’t get used to not having dedicated arrows and F-keys!  Anyway, sit back, relax and enjoy the show 🙂

KBC “Poker” in PBT Keycaps and “Ice Blue” CC Skull
My recently modified (custom 62g springs and Blue stems) Poker is fitted with PBT keycaps.  These keycaps were made specifically for the Poker, as you can see the side engraved keycaps.  An “Ice Blue” CC is seated in the Esc/Tilde slot with the blue LED on!

KBC “Poker” in Dolch and vintage Cherry Doubleshots (Stock Case vs. treble’s Aluminum Case)
Both keyboards fitted with Dolch and Cherry doubleshots, they come into the ring contending for the best slot.  But, les-bian-est, right one wins by TKO.


KBC “Poker” in WYSE and SP Retro R3 Doubleshots
Despite the resemblance in all my Pokers, the one below is actually my first Poker.  There were some small differences in design between my 1st and 2nd Poker, likely to due different production runs.  In any case, these photos are of my Poker in primarily WYSE (thin) doubleshots along with SP Retro R3 modifiers.  Not a bad combo, but it didn’t stick around for too long.

KBTalking Pure Limited Edition with Amber LEDs and Aluminum Case
Bought this kind of on a whim, and appears to be the Poker’s distant relative.  It’s very nice, and weighs a hefty amount.  I’ve been considering selling it since it really gets no use but I heard they are getting some nice PBT keycaps for these bad boys, so naturally…I’ll bite.


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17 thoughts on “Some 60% Love

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  2. What are those side-engraved keycaps in the first photo? You say they were made for the Poker, are they completely custom or something that comes with it?

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