[Preview] Bro Caps!

[Preview] Bro Caps!


I haven’t made a keyboard related purchase in a very long time, but a long-time friend has reached out and I’m glad he did. Here’s a sneak peek!

Polycarbonate Keycaps – The new hip thing!

Every now and then some new technology comes along in the mechanical keyboard world.  I’m probably a little late to the show, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have new material to show you =)

While I’m sure you’ve seen the original design, these new and improved keycaps are sure to blow your mind!  Let’s take a sneak peak.


The Portal keycaps are back and will be sold by Originative in the near future.  I’m talking like Friday.  These are doubleshot keycaps using ABS and Polycarbonate plastic materials, and they certainly appear to be a little more durable not to mention aesthetically appealing.  Good move on making these translucent, they look dope!



I’ve also heard some rumors that there will be a new site design, so be sure to check them out at https://www.originativeco.com!

Some Kicks!

Keyboards aren’t my only hobby, so I thought I’d share some new content for you guys.  I’m also really into sneakers (or kicks, tennis shoes, gym shoes, etc.) but not really from a collector’s perspective.  I just happen to have a lot of shoes that I like, mostly from Nike and Jordan brands.

Well, hopefully you guys like what you see and maybe I’ll post more of my “collection” in the near future.  For the time being, enjoy =)

Jordan Spizike Bordeauxs

Jordan Spizike Bordeauxs

Jordan IV Black Cements

Jordan IV Black Cements


So it’s been a year now…

…and what better way to celebrate then posting some greens!?


Phantom (PHANSI150 layout) housed inside a Camo Filco case

So a whole year has gone by since I opened my blog.  Here are some usage statistics for anyone who cares:

Some awesome stuff there!  Hopefully, the next year treats me just as well.  But for the time being, enjoy some additional pictures because that’s what you came here for right???




Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog.  It’s truly been a blessing and let’s hope for another great year!

In Memory of SmallFry

As some of you in the keyboarding world may already know, Nate aka SmallFry has passed away recently.  This post and everything my blog stands for is dedicated to him.  For those of you that haven’t heard, SmallFry passed away due to a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.  More details here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/natewalter


SmallFry / Nate
July 11, 1996 – June 27, 2013

SmallFry was revered on GH as not only an enthusiastic individual, but helpful and extremely gifted for his age.  I met him for the first and only time in person at our first Chicagoland meet some time ago and my first impression was, “man this guy is super young!”  At the time, I believe he had just turned 16.  He said to me in a PM, “I’ll be the guy there with the SmallFry hat on!”  And of course he was, accompanied by his father.  Both him and his father, very talented and smart individuals.  It kills me inside to see how much potential Nate had and where his efforts could have greatly improved and increased the keyboard knowledge base.

SmallFry’s Keyboards from Chicagoland Keyboard Meet (August 2012)

More images from our Chicagoland Keyboard Meet: http://imgur.com/a/n0dca

What I regret most of all is not being able to talk with Nate one last time before all this happened.  I think my last email exchanges with Nate, was him asking me to come back to GH.  Of course, I couldn’t fulfill his request but I’d give up anything at this point to have another conversation with him.

Nate was an avid supporter of my blog, probably the biggest.  He remembered every post I had, and often frequented more than myself.  I remember a few times that I’ve pop quizzed him about my posts, and without even a 2nd thought, he always had an answer.  Always.  My biggest supporter, and just like that with the blink of an eye, is now gone.  I look at my life in retrospect and think about all the things I did when I was 16 and how much Nate would have enjoyed life.

Nate would have been a wonderful, honored, and respected individual in his lifetime.  There’s absolutely no doubt about that.  I hope wherever you are now Nate, that you are resting in peace.  To all his family and relatives, I’m truly sorry for your loss.



Monday starts now…

LZ GH (Unassembled Pictures)

Hey everyone.  Just wanted to give a brief update on the LZ GH.  I finally received this from boost and it’s next up on the list to be built!  I’ll be attempting to document my build this time around, but here are some introductory photos for your viewing pleasures.



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