Polycarbonate Keycaps – The new hip thing!

Every now and then some new technology comes along in the mechanical keyboard world.  I’m probably a little late to the show, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have new material to show you =)

While I’m sure you’ve seen the original design, these new and improved keycaps are sure to blow your mind!  Let’s take a sneak peak.


The Portal keycaps are back and will be sold by Originative in the near future.  I’m talking like Friday.  These are doubleshot keycaps using ABS and Polycarbonate plastic materials, and they certainly appear to be a little more durable not to mention aesthetically appealing.  Good move on making these translucent, they look dope!



I’ve also heard some rumors that there will be a new site design, so be sure to check them out at https://www.originativeco.com!

9 thoughts on “Polycarbonate Keycaps – The new hip thing!

    • Ditto. I just started following this and realized it’s been quite some time. Very entertained by your posts, and even more so that you’re a local!

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