I am a member of the Geekhack community and am an avid keyboard enthusiast.  I enjoy taking pictures of my keyboards and reviewing cool things that I own.

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    • Hi Chris! To answer your question, I used to own a few full size keyboards but I’ve limited myself to only 1 now…the NCR G80-3000. I’ve taken a few pictures of it, but haven’t done an in-depth review. Eventually I’ll review all the keyboards I own =)

      Regarding Das keyboards, you’re in luck! I’ve actually owned a Das Ultimate (MX blue switch, Blank (“Otaku”) keycaps) and it was my first mechanical keyboard. To put it briefly, before I knew anything about other switches, I truly believed this was my ultimate keyboard. It had all the functions I needed, along with additional USB ports on the keyboard. The only complaint I had with it was the acrylic casing, which tends to get dirty fairly quick. You’ll have a constant upkeep to clean it often.

  1. haii..im from indonesia..do u stay @seoul?may next week iwant to go there..im really insterested wit kmac2..im own filco ninja n kbt race,topre87..where i can buy kmac2 in seoul?n any keycaps custom?thx before

    • Hi there =) No, unfortunately I don’t stay in the Seoul; I live in the US! Even for members in S. Korea, it’s very difficult sometimes to get these custom keyboards. Your best chance is to lurk kbdmania and Geekhack often within classifieds, make friends and be prepared to spend some money. Right now the KMAC 2 is still in production, so you’ll need to likely wait until some members receive theirs and possibly trade/sell it. You’ll know who the members are right away when they post all their pictures.

      • Hello I’m Mike Janiec I would like to find clack factory skull keycaps like you showcased. My favorite is black, transparant red or clear ones for cherry MX switches. Do you know how I could locate any?

      • Hi Mike — Click Clack skulls are very rare and hard to come by. And very expensive. Sometimes elitekeyboards.com will sell them, but most of them are only available on the 2nd market at geekhack.org. Good luck =)

    • Virtual keyboards are a good idea, and I’m always open to innovation and technology. Personally, the thing that attracted me most to keyboards was something as simple as pressing a tactile key. If virtual keyboards in the future don’t have the tactility, it’s just less interesting to me but still something I’d support. Mechanical keyboards became a hobby over time, something I never thought I’d be interested in. So the same could be said about virtual keyboards as well, I guess lol..

  2. Hello, great looking work. What are the keycaps called on your KMAC board that have the windows for the LED to shine through. Is there a specific term for this design? I’d like to find a set for the top row. Thanks!

    • Those are Cherry designed keycaps from their vintage line, and manufactured recently by GMK. The material and process used is ABS plastic in a double-injection method (aka doubleshot). Most people refer to these keycaps as “Cherry doubleshots.”

      The colorways, in this case, is slightly different than most people are used to seeing since it’s a re-manufactured set. I was able to find these on eBay, but you can also try looking for them by contacting a member named “kboardvintage” on Geekhack. There are many new groupbuys in service right now on GH and DT. I would advise you start there and let your wallet do the talking =) Good luck!

    • Hey there! Custom keyboards, unfortunately, aren’t sold at any stores in Korea. They just happen to be designed and manufactured there. Even domestic Koreans have a hard time finding them.

      Honestly, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter where you live that will help you get a custom keyboard. However, if you’re to speak and read/write the language, you’re far ahead of most Americans like myself =)

      Get active on KBDmania.net and otd.kr. Then let the waiting game begin. Start networking and finding the right people to talk to and you might find yourself with one sometime soon. Boost from GH is also another great resource for connecting with the folks at Redline (who sell custom keyboards by LZ).

      Good luck! And have a safe trip in Korea~

  3. Hey There!

    I work for an marketing agency that is helping Pimp My Keyboard launch a new promotion and I’d like to talk to you about it. If you’re interested in helping us spread the word about the promo, it’s possible that PMK could get you a free keyset. I hope to hear from you soon! terence (at) redrokk (dot) com.

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