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To my friends, hello!  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a legit blog article and I wanted to share some new items I received in the mail.  It’s from an online vendor called Originative!

Now, before you guys start drooling over your keyboards, I’d like to just take a moment to say “thank you” to Sherryton for providing some early access to new keyboard merchandise.  All of you should be expecting some big things from Sherry.  He has come a long way in the mechanical keyboarding realm and it goes to show you, hard work always yields something good. And in this case, something original too! (I know, I’m very creative) (Get it? Original, creative…Originative!)

  Originative American  

Originative Goodies

Back in the GOOD Geekhack days (pre-Asia Mod Team), only a few select people sported rare merchandise.  Other people, like me back then, only had access to things like KBC/KBT keycaps (engraved, lasered, PBT, thin!*!*@*!, etc., rainbow wtf) and a few select SP novelty keys.  Ah damn, those were the days when I spent hours on sixty’s old website.  Anyway, all you new people got it good.  You should be happy!

Originative is an online vendor that sells Mechanical Keyboards and their accessories.  They specialize in rare and custom items such as Cherry reproduction keycaps (ABS and now dyesub!), Korean custom weight springs, switch stickers, and a lot of other stuff.  If you haven’t checked them out, click the link above and take a look.  Don’t worry, I won’t be mad that you went to another website while reading this.

Now, by definition I think of “Originative” as a combination of two words: original and creative.

o·rig·i·nal: Used or produced at the creation or earliest stage of something.
cre·a·tive: Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas.

When you start offering items as unique as they do, it all makes sense.  So what did I get?  Well let’s take a look…

KMAC with BSP Dyesubs mixed with DESKO RGB and ‘service’ keys

First up, the BSP/Cherry PBT dyesub keycaps.  These are a collector’s dream items and are normally very hard to come by, not to mention pricey.  I’m talking like $300+ sometimes.  Anyway, I bought a red and black set for a little over for $100 each.  Good price, and seemingly better quality than other PBT sets from imsto.  On the KMAC above, I’ve mixed in a few keys from the original DESKO set.  Yes, I know my Insert/Delete and Home/End keys are in the wrong place!!!!

Red KMAC with “Red Alert” Colorway and Titanium Spacebar

The Red KMAC above has all the standard keys that come out of the box with the exception of the spacebar.  You’ll notice a few key (word play bonus+1) differences between the set above and the original Cherry set (if they made a red version):

  • Print Screen and Pause/Break have different legends
  • F5-F8 use white base
  • F and J have nipples instead of scoops
  • Tilde is also a different legend
  • and If you spot any others, lets me know!

But that’s not all I got.  I don’t normally like blue all that much, but one day I decided that to try out the “Olivetti” set since it was easy enough to buy one.  What do YOU think?

Poker with Duck Aluminum case sporting Originative’s Cherry/GMK “Olivetti” Keycaps

Rear view of the Poker with “Olivetti” Keycaps

Now these next keycaps I’ve had for a while, but it gave me an opportunity to take more pics of my LZ SE.  As you’ll see, I’m still a big time noob at taking pictures.  Without a dedicated light system at home, I have to depend on the sunlight…and well…it’s not always dependable.  The pictures didn’t come out as good as I hoped, but maybe you guys will like them.  These keycaps are called the “Sanctuary” set, a custom project with SP.  While the base color looks black, it’s actually a very dark charcoal with red legends.

LZ SE (84-key) with “Sanctuary” Keycaps and ClickClack Skull

LZ SE (84-key) Close Up

Annnnnnd lastly, I also snagged a set of BSP RGB dyesubs (in B-profile) to fit on my LZ MX SE.  Since the Dolch set uses B-profile, I wasn’t able to fit it with my DESKO RGBs, so this was just perfect.

LZ SE MX with Dolch keycaps and B-profile RGB dyesubs

dat profile…

Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with all the stuff I bought.  I’ve finally reach a collector’s dream of owning Cherry dyesubs.  If you haven’t tried them yet, or any form of PBT dyesubs, I’d HIGLY recommend them.  This is no bandwagon, this is simply the epitome of quality.

Visit Originative for more information

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More pictures below: (or http://imgur.com/a/BsIdO)


Order keyboard in January. Get in May. LZ MX Mini SE #21!

Well it’s been over 3 months since my last post, but here’s a taste of what’s to come.  I’ve got a pretty good line up of products I want to blog about, so hope to see you back here soon!

The rear side of the LZ MX Mini SE and self adhered sticker #21

Frontal view

KMAC with new LEDs

GMK Doubleshots and KMACs

GMK Doubleshots and KMACs

Recently, I ordered a set of GMK doubleshots from a seller on GH.  Not entirely sure how he got these really but it’s fair to say, I’m impressed.  Granted, it’s the same tooling as Cherry, there are some differences little here and there.  Anyways, enjoy the pictures, I don’t have much to say 🙂

Ti KMAC 1 (top), Red KMAC 1.2 (bottom)

Ti KMAC 1 (top), Red KMAC 1.2 (bottom)


Scattered slightly off-white GMK doubleshots


GMK RGB doubleshots from Originative


KMAC 1.2 with modified Cherry Browns


The Brothers United

KMAC 1.2 & LZ SE – Color Comparison

Many people have asked and wanted to see the difference in color between the KMAC and LZ. Well, here you go!

The KMAC’s color is a tad more vibrant, giving off a nice blazed red whereas the LZ is a more deep and slightly duller red. Both very beautiful nonetheless.

[4:20 Reviews] LZ 84 SE

[4:20 Reviews] LZ 84 SE

LZ 84 SE in Red Anodized Aluminum

As always, we’ll start with the high level basics for the curious folk:

  • Case Type:  2 piece aluminum case, aluminum plate, feetless design
  • Featured Keycaps:  Black Cherry doubleshots, girldc DV Esc key
  • Cabling/Wiring:  N/A
  • Other Aesthetics:  Amber Caps and Scroll Lock
  • Switch and Modification:  Cherry MX Clears with custom 62g gold springs and MX Grey spacebar.  Each individual switch is modified with lubricant on the friction points (slider, spring) and stickers applied between the housing.

Macro shot of the rear side (dat ass)

I like to start these reviews with a little history about the keyboard and their designer.  Similar to the LZ Mini MX I reviewed previously, this case was designed by LifeZone, a Korean keyboard blogger and custom case designer.  Originally, there was a community driven keyboard project called the A.87 (84 in this case) and was one of the first ones to sport the TKL design with winkeyless options.  I believe the PCB schematic was made public, so many keyboard case designs started coming up in the market ranging from acrylic to aluminum in material.  LZ has designed similar other models that used the A.87 PCB such as the LZ-F, LZ-S and the upcoming LZ-GH (GeekHack edition).  The special edition, though, has been designed to use now feet or bar, but instead an angled case.

Side view displaying angled case design with built-in handles!

Talking a little bit on the internals for a moment, we’re using an A.87 PCB with modified gold 62g MX Clear switches.  The A.87 PCB is an older generation, Korean forum project that I believe uses the AIKON controller and unfortunately did not come with pre-soldered SMD diodes, which is fine but it required extra soldering and switch assembly time to apply in-switch diodes.  And the switches, I went with modified MX Clears (Grey for the spacebar) using:  custom 62g gold springs, GPL 203/103 mixture (60%/40%) slider lube, Victorinix Multi-Tool Oil for the springs.

The overall feel of the switches are a tad heavier than I expected and wasn’t sure why that was until I learned about the gold springs.  According to Choi Young Gyoo, a Korean member from KBD/OTD, the gold material used has a different elasticity causing the springs to be more stiff.  In comparison, he says, the 62g gold springs actually feel more like the 65g silver ones.  If that’s truly the case (though I’m sure ripster would probably deem it a McRip effect), it would explain why it felt significantly heavier than my KMAC with silver 62g springs.  In any case, just a tad heavy for my taste and I may end up swapping out springs some day.

MX Grey spacebar switch!  It’s so heavy, a little fatty

Let’s move on to the case and plate design.  For starters, this keyboard weighs over 8 lbs.  (tips my shipping scale) and is probably closer to 10-11 lbs!  It is outrageously and unnecessarily heavy, there is no way it’s moving on any desk.  It offers a unique slanted case design with a ribbed back piece.  There are also carvings on the sides which act as handles to pick the keyboard up easily.  With other slanted case designs (i.e. KMAC 2, KMAC Mini, duck Poker case), my complaint was that they were difficult to pick up.  As you can see with the LZ SE, there are no issues with that.

For this model, it features the 84-key Winkeyless layout.  This means that for the bottom row, the keycap spacing allows for 1.5x modifiers and a 7x spacebar.  The plate, similar to the LZ Mini and PHANTOM, utilizes modern design to allow a switch’s top housing to be removed without desoldering.  This feature needs to be on every keyboard, period.  I can’t stress that enough.  As a switch and keyboard modder, this feature just saves so much time when experimenting with different switch types.

A little out of focus; still working on my camera skills

Unique slanted case design

When we look at the underside, it has a ribbed finish with rubber feet nubs.  Just a little bit of design flair instead of a simple flat surface.  The color is also a very beautiful red.  It’s not as vibrant as the KMAC 1.2/2 Red, but the anodized layer is very high quality and more of a red/maroon.  Someday soon, I’ll take a picture side by side with my red KMAC 1.2.

Ribbed bottom finish

Isn’t the Panda so cute?!

Overall, for $320 (+ shipping from Korea), I’d say this was definitely a great buy considering what LZ merchandise costs these days.  You can always expect some quality products from LZ, but you’re definitely going to be paying a premium for that.  The LZ SE is certainly one of the more unique ones as well.  It utilizes some classy design specs with the ribbed back piece, angled case with handles, switch friendly plate and enough weight to smack someone over the head and end their life!  If you come across one of these rare gems, don’t hesitate to get one.

Last picture, I swear…

Now that I’ve been banned on GH, I may have some more time to update my blog more often.  Hope you guys like what I do here and if you don’t, well…sorry man.

Over and out!

The end of a long day…

“Sorry DanGWanG, you are banned from using this forum!
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This ban is not set to expire.” – GeekHack

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