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To my friends, hello!  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a legit blog article and I wanted to share some new items I received in the mail.  It’s from an online vendor called Originative!

Now, before you guys start drooling over your keyboards, I’d like to just take a moment to say “thank you” to Sherryton for providing some early access to new keyboard merchandise.  All of you should be expecting some big things from Sherry.  He has come a long way in the mechanical keyboarding realm and it goes to show you, hard work always yields something good. And in this case, something original too! (I know, I’m very creative) (Get it? Original, creative…Originative!)

  Originative American  

Originative Goodies

Back in the GOOD Geekhack days (pre-Asia Mod Team), only a few select people sported rare merchandise.  Other people, like me back then, only had access to things like KBC/KBT keycaps (engraved, lasered, PBT, thin!*!*@*!, etc., rainbow wtf) and a few select SP novelty keys.  Ah damn, those were the days when I spent hours on sixty’s old website.  Anyway, all you new people got it good.  You should be happy!

Originative is an online vendor that sells Mechanical Keyboards and their accessories.  They specialize in rare and custom items such as Cherry reproduction keycaps (ABS and now dyesub!), Korean custom weight springs, switch stickers, and a lot of other stuff.  If you haven’t checked them out, click the link above and take a look.  Don’t worry, I won’t be mad that you went to another website while reading this.

Now, by definition I think of “Originative” as a combination of two words: original and creative.

o·rig·i·nal: Used or produced at the creation or earliest stage of something.
cre·a·tive: Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas.

When you start offering items as unique as they do, it all makes sense.  So what did I get?  Well let’s take a look…

KMAC with BSP Dyesubs mixed with DESKO RGB and ‘service’ keys

First up, the BSP/Cherry PBT dyesub keycaps.  These are a collector’s dream items and are normally very hard to come by, not to mention pricey.  I’m talking like $300+ sometimes.  Anyway, I bought a red and black set for a little over for $100 each.  Good price, and seemingly better quality than other PBT sets from imsto.  On the KMAC above, I’ve mixed in a few keys from the original DESKO set.  Yes, I know my Insert/Delete and Home/End keys are in the wrong place!!!!

Red KMAC with “Red Alert” Colorway and Titanium Spacebar

The Red KMAC above has all the standard keys that come out of the box with the exception of the spacebar.  You’ll notice a few key (word play bonus+1) differences between the set above and the original Cherry set (if they made a red version):

  • Print Screen and Pause/Break have different legends
  • F5-F8 use white base
  • F and J have nipples instead of scoops
  • Tilde is also a different legend
  • and If you spot any others, lets me know!

But that’s not all I got.  I don’t normally like blue all that much, but one day I decided that to try out the “Olivetti” set since it was easy enough to buy one.  What do YOU think?

Poker with Duck Aluminum case sporting Originative’s Cherry/GMK “Olivetti” Keycaps

Rear view of the Poker with “Olivetti” Keycaps

Now these next keycaps I’ve had for a while, but it gave me an opportunity to take more pics of my LZ SE.  As you’ll see, I’m still a big time noob at taking pictures.  Without a dedicated light system at home, I have to depend on the sunlight…and well…it’s not always dependable.  The pictures didn’t come out as good as I hoped, but maybe you guys will like them.  These keycaps are called the “Sanctuary” set, a custom project with SP.  While the base color looks black, it’s actually a very dark charcoal with red legends.

LZ SE (84-key) with “Sanctuary” Keycaps and ClickClack Skull

LZ SE (84-key) Close Up

Annnnnnd lastly, I also snagged a set of BSP RGB dyesubs (in B-profile) to fit on my LZ MX SE.  Since the Dolch set uses B-profile, I wasn’t able to fit it with my DESKO RGBs, so this was just perfect.

LZ SE MX with Dolch keycaps and B-profile RGB dyesubs

dat profile…

Suffice it to say, I’m very happy with all the stuff I bought.  I’ve finally reach a collector’s dream of owning Cherry dyesubs.  If you haven’t tried them yet, or any form of PBT dyesubs, I’d HIGLY recommend them.  This is no bandwagon, this is simply the epitome of quality.

Visit Originative for more information

• • • •

More pictures below: (or http://imgur.com/a/BsIdO)

4 thoughts on “Originative American

  1. Hi Dan Wang,

    I love the look of your keyboard + key caps combination

    I have a desko set, but dont have the service keys. Basically the keys with the two colorways.
    Would you be able to tell where(which vintage keyboard) these keys come from and where would someone like me able to procure some?

    Thanks man. 🙂

    • Hi there! Thank you for your comments.

      The first point of clarification I’ll make is that the ‘DESKO’ set refers to a specific set of keycaps (including the service keys, and RGB modifiers). These keycaps came off the DESKO POS keyboards, often found at airline terminals.

      If you’re talking specifically about the beige/grey bi-colorway, those are just referred to as ‘Cherry beige doubleshots’ or in some instances, full dyesubs. You can get them off classic Cherry G80 keyboards or off http://www.originativeco.com

      Good luck!

      • Thanks for the reply :). I am referring to the Desko set and specifically the keys with the orange legends.
        I have a Desko set that I bought from Tsangan but it does not have the orange legend keys.

        So was wondering if there are two types. Thanks.

      • Sounds like you might have gotten ripped off by Tsangan =) Not surprised, he’s a sneaky guy. I’d ask him about the service keys (orange legend) and see why you didn’t get them with your set. Did you at least get the RGB modifiers?

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