Bro Caps Unite!

Sup bro?  Where’d you get dem’ caps at?!

It felt like just yesterday, MMB and I were talking about stuff he was working on and all of a sudden, BAM-BOOM-SCHWINGG, he churns out all these badass keycaps.  And of course, I had to get my hands on some 🙂 But before you get ahead of yourself and wonder why I got these keycaps, ask yourself first:  “Am I bro? What does it take to be a brah?”  Good question young BROsshopper.  First you must succumb yourself to understanding what a bro is.  I would suggest you start at Article 1, page 1.  Then visit Bro Caps on GH.

MagicMeatball aka MMB and I have been bros for a while.  We’re talking about a guy who really dives deep into his work.  Someone who can shut off everything else going on to perfect his craftsmanship and never dismisses good creativity.  With those sorts of traits in a human being, you’re left with nothing but awesome creations.

I was lucky enough to receive some of his new works and I wanted to show you guys what he has coming out.  Below are a few pictures of his upcoming goods.  He calls these:

….wait for it….


“Bro Caps™ – A custom keyboard accessory shop, here to help you make your keyboard as custom as you want it to be.”

In the image above, there are a few different techniques used to show the versatility of these creations.  The yellow one is actually a metallic infused gold color that tends to sparkle under the right lighting.  The blue one is a translucent/opaque flavor.  And lastly, the green one is a simple solid color.  Originally designed for Cherry MX compatible keyboards, Bro Caps has no limitations.  According to MMB, future development on Topre and ALPS switches are certainly within the foreseeable future.  That’s great news because I could use some new keycaps for my Topre boards! ….muahaha….

Now what you see here isn’t what you might necessarily get on the final production keycaps.  As you might have expected, these are genuine brototypes.  Even at the prototype stage, these keycaps are very high quality.  The amount of detail in the edges of the face are really just quite incredible.

Wait, what was that?  You want to see the translucent one under an LED?!  You got it!

While many of you are anxiously waiting for the sales of these to go up, keep in mind that they will only be released in limited quantities at first.  These are hand crafted works of art and they take a lot of time to make.  Just be patient, and you might get your hands on one of these in the very near future.  No, I can’t tell you when or where, but it might be a good start to visit Bro Caps on GeekHack 🙂

In honor of all bros around the world, I leave you with one of my favorite South Park skits…see you next time, brah!

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