In Dolch We Trust

In Dolch We Trust

So I’ve already got a few Dolch keycap sets, but I’ve never actually gotten the whole rig.  I thought I’d take a stab one day at trying to procure one off eBay, but with all the ridiculous prices (starting at $150 up to $500+!) I just couldn’t convince myself it was worth it.  I’m a bargain shopper for life and I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I paid that much for one of these things…

Anyway, so I started throwing out offers at sellers and they’re probably thinking I’m low-balling them like nuts (which I was).  Finally, some guy declined by offer but decided to drop his price close to my last offer and BOOM, “Buy it now” has been clicked.  And that’s how I ended up with my Dolch PAC 63C for $96 shipped!

A few days later this 25 lb. package arrived at my doorstep, covered in bubble wrap and peanuts.  Making sure to carefully take the tape off the bubble wrap (I’m cheap, I re-use stuff!), I unveil what appears to be a suitcase.

Oh WTF, where is the keyboard?!,” mentally yelling at myself.  I didn’t know anything about these prior to picking this up.  And then, I pushed some buttons and….

Keycaps are in immaculate condition.  Absolutely stunning!  Oh, and Cherry MX Blues!  That should make demik happy 🙂

Chillin’ with the K-Mizzle!

For additional information on the Dolch PAC’s, please checkout the Deskthority Wiki page:




8 thoughts on “In Dolch We Trust

    • Hey =)

      The keyboard was part of a portable computer system. Inside the briefcase/tank, is a small tubed monitor and and the computer built into it! Similar to your first generation iMacs.

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out what the base case color is for the dolch keyboard. It looks like dark grey in some pictures. But some other pictures make it look like a navy blue.

    What color is it close to?

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