My favorite Holiday…4 months later =)

My favorite Holiday only comes once a year…but that’s OK, because today I was genuinely reminded of why I love the keyboard world and the best herbal plant on this planet.  Coincidentally, exactly 4 months later =)

As I was invoicing the 420 Keycaps (Green Smileys), I received a mysterious package.  What’s this?  A skull face…?

My face turned green, I began opening the package…I pull out a rolled up baggy…

“Oh my god, oh my god…..oh my god” is what I kept muttering.  THEY’RE HERE!  My HOLY GRAILS!

CC previously has shown us how crafty he is can be with traditional style of engraving and in-filling.  But his creativity has surprised me with the beautiful new, “toasted” finishing.  The 2 keycaps below, on the right, have a flush texture, and is smooth to the touch.  Beautiful if you ask me!

They call this guy below, Mr. Friday.  I wonder why???

Oh, and I got a Prototype!  #01 son.  Just like D. Rose!

And lastly, but certainly not leastly…my beastly, KMAC(stly)!

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