Christmas on August 9th

This morning I woke up and thought, what a gloomy, terrible summer day.  Then, I received a call from someone awesome letting me know that I had 4 packages waiting for me (I don’t get stuff shipped to where I live right now).  So, I went and picked it up…

So what’s inside?  I’m glad you asked.  Take a look below!

Item 1:  ClackFactory/ClickClack ‘Dark Side’ Keycap + Extra “Stuff” that I like!

Item 2: Limmy’s Cherry “Mod Kit.”  The kit includes 4 containers (with GPL 201 grease in one of them), binder clips (to remove switch housings), lube (GPL103, RO-59, silicone lube), paintbrush, and springs (55g and 62g).

Item 3: Cherry MX Vintage Black switches.  Not sure exactly what to do with these yet, but I think they’ll be going into my KMAC Mini and K-Pad.  GGG = Good Guy Gimpster!

Item 4: Cherry MX3700 Tenkey (NIB).  Got an excellent deal on this from nntnam on GH.  Straight from Vietnam, thank you nntnam!



3 thoughts on “Christmas on August 9th

  1. Welcome to the DV club!! Super jealous of your custom Korean springs. Something tells me that they would make for a better feeling ergo clear than the standard light cherry spring.

    Does anyone know what the bottoming out force is for a standard 45g-actuation cherry spring?

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