It’s a happy family….

A quick thank you…

I just wanted to start this post off with saying how grateful I am to have Geekhack back.  As many of you already know, GH was compromised by a hacking group last month.  During that time, webwit from Deskthority graciously gave us (the GH refugees) a forum space as a temporary means of communicating and socializing.  It was certainly an interesting environment, but I’m glad to be back on GH.  It always feels good to be back home. (Reminds me of this song)

Shoutouts to iMav, mkawa, rknize and all other supporting team members for bringing it back up!  You guys have spent an extraneous amount of time, and your hard work does not go unnoticed.  I certainly appreciate all the effort everyone put in.

Thank you!

A Happy Family” in commemoration of our tightly knit community.

A New Addition to the Family

Most people know that I don’t really like HHKB’s because I’m a standard, simple, boring kind of guy.  No dedicated arrows, no function row, capslock and control switched and short backspace.  But one day, I saw this odd looking HHKB.  Dedicated arrow keys?  Alright, you’ve got my attention.  But man that’s a weird ass spacebar.  Well anyway, I got the opportunity to purchase one recently from a fellow GH member and friend, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Let’s all welcome the newest edition to the family, the HHKB Professional JP!

Outfitted in a Milk Blue CC Skull, whiskerBox USB cable and Realforce R4 keycap (from the keychain), this HHKB is both visually and aesthetically stunning.  I believe these are 45g uniform keyboards, which is the perfect weight for me.  They feel more snappy than my Realforce 45g, and the throw feels a little longer.  The spacebar, backspace and enter keys will take some time to get adjusted to, but it isn’t anything to complain about.  However, there are numerous keys on the keyboard that have no real functionality on US-Windows.  Other than that, I’d say this keyboard is tight.  If you get the chance, make sure to pick one up =)

The White Filco, revisited!

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I tend to outfit my white Filco’s the most.  This is mainly because they look good with virtually any keycap set!  Rainbows, Dolch, Cherry DS’s, you name it, it looks good.  Below is my Filco with ergo-Clears.  I’ve refitted it with a brand new set of Cherry doubleshots in black on beige.  The previous set I had had a medium amount of shine and my OCD didn’t allow it, so I ended up picking up a new set thanks to another fellow GHer.  (Where would I be if GH didn’t exist?  I’m just glad it’s back!)

Sleabo, You Sly Dog

Got these in the mail randomly and was wondering what the hell I ordered from the UK.  Surprisingly, sleabo had sent me some samples from his recent run.  Thank you sleabo from QWERKeys!

…and as always, below are some additional images 🙂

9 thoughts on “It’s a happy family….

    • My subforum has returned, but you apparently need 1000 amount of posts to get access. I think you can PM mkawa/tsangan/imav for access for the time being though =) Thanks for the support! You excited about the ergo-Clears?

  1. Nice doubleshots 🙂 Turns out you don’t need 1000 posts to get into member forums, I can see it fine and I’m in the 8 or 900s

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