Good News and Bad News

…le sigh…

Bad news, first

Melissa from SP contacted me again and let me know that the dye-sublimation process for this keycap isn’t going to work.  As many people already told me, I kind of expected this to happen was praying for the best.  I tend to be an optimist in situations like these, but it failed me!  Don’t be scared, take a gander =)

As a result, I’ll be backing out of this dye-sublimation technique for now and possibly revisiting it at a later time.  I’ve heard imsto may have some good capability to achieve this.

The Good News!

I still wanted to get a keycap manufactured and tailored to my blog, subforum and everything I stand for.  So, I’m not scrapping the idea behind the keycap.  I have been discussing with Melissa on other opportunities, and I’ve decided to go with MagicMeaball’s “4:20 Keycap” design, which also happens to be my tiled wallpaper 🙂

So you want the technical details?  It’s going to be an SP ABS doubleshot keycap.  As far as color choices, I still wanted a lime green base, so I went with ‘VV’ for the face and ‘VCM’ for the keycap (color reference courtesy of fssbzz).  The other part of the good news is that it will be significantly cheaper.  Pricing will come soon once I have all the other details figured out.

Lastly, the pre-order list will stay as-is.  Since no one paid me for anything, it’s still a project funded out of pocket and will remain so.  This ensures that any mess-ups or problems (i.e. dye-subbed keycap) will all be on me, and none on you.  I hope this new design still caters to all of you, and when it’s finally ready to be shipped I will send out messages to make sure the parties interested, are still interested =)

Final thought:  Thank you so much for all the incredible support I’ve seen in the past week.  Again, without you guys, I’d be no body!


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