Special Announcement – “High Face” Pre-Order

[The High Face Keycap]  Pre-Order

Introduction:  There seemed to be a lot of interest for getting this specific face on a keycap, so I decided to do a limited run of these.  Now is your opportunity to get yourself one and show your support 🙂  Though it’s not an image I can claim to be mine (as it’s been floating around reddit for a while now), it was vectored and color matched to my specifications.


  • SP (Signature Plastics) Manufacturer
  • Dye-sublimated
  • PBT plastic keycap in VCG color (See SP PBT Colors)
  • 1×1 ‘Esc’ and Function row size
  • Standard SP R4 Profile (similar to Cherry profile)

Pricing and Availability:  I funded the order myself, so there is no burden or liability on the buyers.  Please see the detailed information below.

  • $6 for the first one, $5/each after (+$3 shipping with DC within CONUS48; International should be a couple dollars more)
  • Max 3 keycaps per person
  • Only 60 total keycaps available
  • You do NOT pay until keycaps arrive
  • ETA is end of July, early August
  • If these don’t sell out in the pre-order

How to pre-order:  Simply place your pre-order by leaving some basic information in the comment box below.

  • Username on GH or DT
  • Order Quantity
  • 1 sentence describing why you enjoy my blog

And that’s it!  If these don’t sell out in the pre-order, these keycaps will be available for sale at a higher premium.  These should also not be confused with the “4:20 Keycap” design contest.  Further details about the contest will continue once GH is back up and running 🙂

Thanks for all the support thus far, I’m no one with you guys!


40 thoughts on “Special Announcement – “High Face” Pre-Order

  1. Great idea! I would definitely love three of this key. Would have loved it to be r1, but I see that’s too late =).

    Order 3 key caps
    I enjoy your high quality photography and great description on each and every keyboard. And of course I love drooling over how much amazing stuff you have.

  2. Username: DeathAdder on both DT and GH
    Order Quantity: 3, pretty please!
    We share a lot in keyboard taste and we both like trees. I like you =)

  3. inlikeflynn
    I like your blog because each time I look at it, It reminds me how much I hate you =)

    j/k I like it most because of the great pictures of beautiful keyboards!

  4. Thanks for all the interest everyone. Your support is greatly appreciated! We’re down to about 20~ keycaps left, so only enough for about 7 people =)

  5. GH and DT: gimpster
    Quantity: 2

    I like reading your blog because I get to drool over all the pretties that I can’t have…like your KMAC, you bastard! 🙂

  6. Before placing any more orders, please make sure to read my recent blog post ‘Good News and Bad News’. We will not be able to make the keycap as displayed above, but there is still hope!

  7. I’ve read ‘the good news and bad news’… still fine by me even if it’s pad printed (I’ve always wanted stoned/high keycap set), so:
    GH/DT: forcefollow

    I wish the leaves keyaps are also included.. perhaps you’d like to trade it something?

    Why I like your blog: looking at your collections always making me half-high it’d be dangerous to watch them while I’m high 🙂

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