The TypeNow Solid (aka 4 pound hound!)

The TypeNow Solid

As demik has always said, you could knock someone out with this.  It’s true, this thing is a block of metal.

Hovering right around 4 lbs., the TypeNow Solid (TNS) is virtually a Leopold encased within a thick black anodized aluminum case.  Now, the strange part is…I actually like these MX Browns (if you don’t know anything about me, normally I am very unsatisfied with how MX Browns feel).  I don’t know why it’s different, but I don’t get that common ‘scratchy’ feel.  You know what I’m talking about; it’s like a grain of sand is stuck inside your switch!  I think what they (yes, the Koreans) did was lube all the switches?  Maybe?  Who knows, they feel great in comparison to some other Browns I’ve tried and passed along (Filco, Das, Leopold, older Cherry G80’s, PLU, Noppoo).

Anyway, you wanna see some pics right?  Well here you go! 

5 thoughts on “The TypeNow Solid (aka 4 pound hound!)

  1. I don’t like typing on those browns keys for too long. After typing an essay on browns, if you smell your fingers they smell like ass.

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