White Filco TKL with ergo-Clears and Cherry Doubleshots

These series of photos were taken a while ago before I fully knew what my point and shoot was capable of, so they don’t look as awesome.

Modded by Clickey and purchased from Bongoojingie, I luckily won this in an auction sale for relatively cheap.  This Filco is retrofitted with a frankenstein switch known as the ergo-Clear.  Borrowing components from other popular switches, it is built with a 35g spring and a Cherry MX Clear stem.  This offers a nice tactile bump with low resistance, essentially what a Cherry MX Brown switch should feel like.  Oh, and it’s also dressed in vintage Cherry ‘Black on Beige’ Doubleshots.  The ‘Esc’ key is a very well done pad-print.  Enjoy 🙂


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